Patients, Patents and Pills’ – One Man’s Crusade

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Author of Patients Patents and Pills – How Wellness Can Save Your Life; A biography on Dr Siddick Maudarbocus – a visionary in the field of integrative medicine, blending conventional Western medical practice with the best of evidence-based oriental therapies. Intertwined with fascinating anecdotes and case-studies, this book is a journey through his life and work. Dr Maudarbocus is world-renowned for his extensive medical knowledge which he practises across a number of different disciplines. Dr Maudarbocus trained as a GP (family doctor) in the UK and following thirty-five years of work experience there and in Ireland, Africa and the Middle East, he chose the island of Mauritius to develop a unique Health and Wellness sanctuary. In a lush setting, Les Mariannes ( focus is to rebalance the mind and body. A spa and treatment retreat, Les Mariannes is also a rehabilitation centre for the treatment of a wide range of issues such as drug and alcohol addictions, behavioural addictions and stress-related disorders. This book offers a unique insight into his work at Les Mariannes, a destination that stimulates mind, body and soul. Getting there is easy, says Dr Maudarbocus, ‘It’s not the sky that’s the limit, it’s the mind.’

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